fly like a butterfly

  1. mirella

    "divisive" songs that you loved this year

    RV's Zimzalabim, SuperM's Jopping, and LOONA's Butterfly (to some extent) were all met with pretty mixed opinions. Most of the dislike aimed toward the songs is due to how cringeworthy or annoying they are in some way, i.e., Zimzalabim's chants, Jopping's lyrics (self-explanatory), and LOONA's...
  2. perhapz

    Who would win this battle!?

    Seoyeon (fromis_9) VS Yujin (IZ*ONE) Or do you have another contestant for this showdown? Bring them on! Random Taglist (if you don't want to be tagged in my random threads, just let me know . :>)
  3. Athena


    CHOREO OF THE YEAR. PERIODT. even their hair flips were in perfect sync talented LEGENDS. Stan Loona and fly like a butterfly ❤ :llama_lovely::llama_laugh::llama_lovely: