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  1. Tsukino

    Morocco won!!!!

    So happy :pepecry1:
  2. Tsukino

    If England wins...

    We will sleep without any problems I know only one English guy lol :mgblush:
  3. Tsukino


    I can’t even believe it but we won today :queen:
  4. Tsukino

    England vs Scotland

    I am watching it right now :llama_laugh: I love the match so far. I can’t say who will win :wimwim:
  5. Vikki

    I don't care about American Football but yikes

    How on earth is this going to work :jisoosmh:
  6. maruberry

    I'm kinda sad now

    I'm sad bcs I was excited for sunday... It's gonna be my birthday and Barca was gonna have a game vs Real Madrid... I was really excited to sit down on my birthday with my family and watch some football... But... The game got postponed due to the protests going on in Catalonia and now I am...
  7. saebomss

    £150,0000 for Eriksen

    no actual idea if any of you watch football/know of spurs Tottenham hotspurs are offering Christian Eriksen a £150,000 per-week contract to persuade him to stay in the football club. Eriksen said he was interested in Real Madrid or Man United after stating he wanted to "try something new"...
  8. miku_maidiac

    The Official Football Thread

    I know there is a UEFA Champions League thread, however, that is all there is right now and it has come to an end, so I thought this thread would be good to chat about Football. I'm not as big of a follower of Football as I used to be but I am still a Newcastle United fan. I've heard that...
  9. perhapz

    ╟ UEFA Champions League - Discussion Thread ╢

    I'll update with the last results and next matches with time. Group stage: @itzybitzyblink @Ozymandias @arieam @Tir @AnotherKpopTrash @Ireneisbaee @Minuteman @Chahee