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  1. L

    Interview [FORBES]Stray Kids Talk Songwriting, Career Goals And Their First U.S. Tour

    “Authenticity” is a keyword thrown around a lot more often in K-pop these days. With crossover potential in the foreground, there’s more at stake when it comes to shaking the dismissive notion that it’s “manufactured.” Companies are investing more in idols — not just as performers, but as...
  2. kuro

    go and submit questions for my anon!

    DO AS IT SAYS but also omg, forbed korea named bp and bts the two 40 power celebrities of 2019 :queen: :queen: :queen: blinkarmy RISE :sj_weary:
  3. zodiark

    News BLACKPINK topped FORBES Top 40 Korean Power Celebrity List for 2019.

    They are also on the cover of FORBES KOREA May 2019 issue. Ranking in individual categories. News Media: #11 Broadcast: #15 Income: #2 SNS: #1