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forum activity

  1. matteoCFO

    I think I’m going to post here more often

    But once again, I have autism and I’m half-Mexican so no one will like me for talking about autism because they think it’s weird I flap my hands and act autistic, and make noises and get overstimulated, but it okay because I don’t really do it for their approval and I am happy with this forum...
  2. kuro

    damn this forum dies without me

    :sippinthetea: kps would be a VERY different place without me, that's for sure :llama_tea: more tea, just because also :rosesmug: :jenniesmug: :rosesmug: yeah that's it :llama_squish:
  3. Mangoey

    What part of the forum are you most active in?

    For me, it's awards. It's basically the only place I even really post. I bet half of my posts are from saying "done" in the badge request thread :yolk: