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  1. alo

    god i love leemujin service!

    after watching lily of nmixx guest on this show, i realised i absolutely need to make a thread about it, cause GOD i love it so much! here's some of my favourite moments on the show: ep 1 how the show began with a bang with lee mujin's cover of senorita, he did very very well minnie's thai...
  2. alo

    since i'm tiny (153 cm), i decided to do something

    compare my height with the shortest and tallest members of some of my fave groups :pandaamazed: (groups included: svt, twice, wjsn, fromis, txt) shortest tallest and my biases! here's the website i used!
  3. alo

    first impression of your current faves?

    my first impression of fromis_9 was "the pretty girls with the pretty eye smiles" :nekolove:
  4. yeji

    Cover fromis_9 doing Into The New World

    one of my favorite fromis cover's. the girls really did SNSD justice.
  5. perhapz

    This is me trying to make people stan fromis_9

    and drink fromisweat
  6. perhapz

    Sales fromis_9's "Fun Factory" ends promotions with 46.5k album sales on Hanteo

    We improving bois :maheart:
  7. perhapz

    Photo This hair isn't even photoshoped, and...

    it looks so cool! fromis_9 Jiwon :pandalove: - - @Walnutt
  8. perhapz

    Performance fromis_9 - "FUN!" Comeback stage at M COUNTDOWN

    - The group fancam: And you can find the individual fancams here.
  9. perhapz

    MV fromis_9 "FUN" M/V is out!

    Check it out! Some Taglist: @goyo @Seokjin @Ireneisbaee @Jichuus @Tir @RandAlThor @Walnutt @FrenchRose @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @NogaNono @itzybitzyblink @Dwragon @kuroyuri @arieam @dooh @Hallybell @MonCherry @deadstar @JakeyWantsCakey @Tpse @Queen @ChaseMeJiYoo @Chahee @MochiFace...
  10. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 "FUN" M/V Teaser 2 (last)

    It's tomorrow, at 6pm kst! Anticipate "Fun Factory" and the title/MV "Fun"! @goyo @Seokjin @Ireneisbaee @Jichuus @RandAlThor @Walnutt @FrenchRose @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @NogaNono @itzybitzyblink @Dwragon @kuroyuri @arieam @dooh @Hallybell @MonCherry @deadstar @JakeyWantsCakey @Tpse...
  11. perhapz

    29 hours left

    for fromis_9 "FUN FACTORY" ANTICIPATE g'night :sanapray:
  12. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - wanna have some fun (Nakyung Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 6: NAKYYYY
  13. perhapz

    Photo Today's mood

    :yes: What about you?
  14. perhapz

    Performance Drop what you're doing and stan them right now

    Stan these group stable vocals and Hayoung (the one with the eye-thing) powerful vocals
  15. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, vocal queen Park Jiwon! (MC Megan)

    Happy birthday to the loudest and craziest member of fromis_9, Park Jiwon, a.k.a MC Megan and vocal queen! Random Taglist of people who may or may not stan fromis @Tir @Ireneisbaee @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @lalaloveloona @WhiteWadeWilson @Dwragon @Pigeon @Jichuus @Chahee @Yolks
  16. Pigeon

    Appreciation YA YA YA YA YA

    stan mxm such cuties I- stan txt, park jihoon, ha sungwoon, daniel, brand new boys(including daehwi and woojin) , guanlin, jaehwan, jinyoung, seongwoo, jisung, minhyun, and fromis_9
  17. perhapz

    Cover The best cover you'll listen today

    Nakyung and Hayoung (both fromis_9) singing "Youth" by Troye Sivan. Stan fromis_9 :sanapray:
  18. perhapz

    Intro Yep, another akp nugu refugee

    Hello! Stan Fromis_9 for a life full of happines and joy!
  19. yeji

    Appreciation Happy fromis_9 Day [1 Year Anniversary]

    Today is fromis_9's anniversary and for this occasition I finally decided to spam with some fromis stuff. I wanted to do that for a while now but what better day than today to do it :) 1. MV's [ALL] 2.B-SIDES [ALL since they really slay the B-Side Game] 3. Performances and Covers...