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  1. maruberry

    When IZ*ONE disbands, what do you hope the members will go on to do?

    For me... Eunbi & Chaewon - I would love to see them debut as a duo, I think they'd fit together really well Yena - Everglow Hitomi - I would love it if she got pushed as a center in AKB, if that doesn't happen tho, I'd like to see her as a model Nako - HKT48 center Sakura -...
  2. Pall_Jonsson

    Sensitive I am talking to my specialist tomorrow about my Transition Process and being Transgender

    I wish to get some advice and help. I looked up some procedures on how to best approach a specialist about it. And I read the risks involved and it scares me, but this is truly what I want. If I don't take these steps I'll remain a man forever and I dont want that for myself. I want the...
  3. maruberry

    You can go back in time to when your ult group debuts and tell them 1 thing

    You can go back in time to the day your ult group debuts and you can tell them 1 thing. 1 thing and 1 thing only and they will listen to you. That means if you tell them you are from the future that will be the 1 thing you tell them and you can say no more. what do you say? if I went back in...
  4. kuro

    relating to @JungkooksWife this lady is living in 3085

    she's either living or seeing into the future :sanapray: I can't seem to figure out which one xD here she is link :sanapray: :sanathink:
  5. kuro

    Fanfiction rivaled | p.jy x y.hs

    rivaled | p.jy x y.hs basically yg x jyp angst shit ik how that sounds, believe me lol BUT GIVE IT A CHANCE! 1980.12.02 “hyun-suk! hyun-suk! it’s your birthday!” the nine-year old boy rushed towards his best friend. the eleven year old birthday boy grinned widely, a smile erupting on his face...