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  1. Abeamus

    Why do people go by 4th generation starting in 2018?

    I don't feel like any debut in 2018 really makes sense to start a generation around especially when 2018 was the last good year for digitals with 2019 being the year where things started to go downhill also coinciding with the debuts of TXT and Itzy as well as Enhypen, Treasure and aespa...
  2. Abeamus

    Explaining Kpop Generations

    So since this is a topic most people get confused about I figured that I would try explaining it in as least of a confusing way as possible but if you have questions after then feel free to ask :pandatea: First thing is that while you may see a lot of people throw their own take on due to...
  3. Discipline

    Are inter-company groups the future of K-POP? (Long Post)

    By 'Inter-company groups', I mean groups that appear to or work as their own company within their own representative company, a literal example would be Super Junior with the SJ Label, whereas a non-literal example would be Seventeen which mostly produces most of their their stuff by themselves...