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  1. simpforsuzuki

    What are your ghost stories?

    I’ll share mine aswell :) I have more I ca’t remember some Story 1. I was in my old house and my old bedroom, for the layout you could see straight to the back windows (my parents room) as my bedroom was in the very front. So one morning, I woke up and saw that there was a shadow figure staring...
  2. milk

    Have you ever seen/encountered a ghost?

    Maybe... not sure if I was just having sleep paralysis though.... I've had some weird experiences. but one of them was the cause of something.
  3. Ghostface

    Audio The Ghost of Rome (Satyricon)

    Satyricon Through time, to the waters below My song, for the silence above The spirit of promise, on the table of stone Under my skin—all the life you have ever lived Seal the law And pierce through the haze of time The Ghost of Rome No life lost behind that veil—just the death of broken hearts...