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  1. maruberry

    Where are the boygroups????

    how is 4th gen so Female dominated???? Like name ONE boygroup that debuted this year!!! Bcs I for sure cannot! Last year I don't think we got any not nugu BGs either??????? Like the girlgroups are absolutely whooping the BG's ASSES this gen The 4th gen BGs who are relevant are like: Stray...
  2. maruberry

    4th gen is the generation of girlgroups

    Honestly.... so far GGs have been DOMINATING the 4th gen ITZY, Aespa, StayC, IVE have all been talked about a lot! Not to mention the many GGs that have hype behind them that are yet to even debut like JYPn, Source Music's GG, HYBE's GG (From the new company ADOR), KEP1ER For boygroups there is...
  3. omo

    Do you prefer a dark concept on gg or bg?

    I think it's cool on either, but if I had to choose it would be bg's. What's your opinion? :wonugl:
  4. omo

    New kpop group recommendations??

    I would love it if you guys recommended me some new groups. Both boy and girl groups. :lovelycooky:
  5. omo

    What's your favorite (Rookie) Girl group?

    Honestly I'm between Rocket Punch and Fanxy red. Well, if Fanxy red can even be considered a rookie group, because they were active in china before known as Acrush, but recently debuted in korea with a new group name, along with new stage names. So I'm conisdering them rookies.
  6. maruberry

    4th gen GGs are outdoing the BGs by a long mile

    In my opinion the girlgroups that have been debuting in the past year or so have been far superior to the boygroups. In the past 2 years literally NO new boygroups have caught my eye. I've been waiting to see a group that makes me WANT to stan them right away. The girlgroups on the other...
  7. maruberry

    Maruif briefly describes girlgroups

    Blackpink - He broke up with me, so fuck men, I'm a strong independent woman. Twice - The world is beautiful, I am beautiful, the one I like is beautiful Red Velvet - if you don't love me at my Russian Roulette (edit: or Zimzalabim), you don't deserve me at my Bad boy! Mamamoo - I'm living my...
  8. Discipline

    Favourite Song of 2019?

    So far, my favourite has been; Twit by Hwasa What about you?