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girl's generation

  1. AmysTeri

    Appreciation Brief Nostalgia with Shoujo Jidai

    What kick-started me tonight Honorable Mention The Wrecked #1 The #1 in my chill heart That's it. That's the post. Thanks for probably not coming to my Amysteri Talk.
  2. VillageIdiot

    News Hyeri Updates Fans After Signing With New Agency

    @Lovely_Cornchips @kuroyuri (I think)
  3. MochiFace

    From Most Hated group ever to treasure National

    I'll tell you the story of the group who debuted as the most hated and become the Most Love group in Korea history The story of Queen SNSD !!! everything debut in 2007 when SM start to tease snsd as the "female super junior " saying that “The group SNSD is meant to hope for a peaceful era of...
  4. MochiFace

    The most iconic Performance in KPOP

    No Group can beat the fanchant this Performance had and it was not even a solo concert of SNSD and this bitch made of the Dream concert their own Only true queen can do this @StarWarsBitch i start my job to save KPS
  5. MochiFace

    OMG SO FUNNY !!! x)))))

  6. MochiFace

    News they are so cuute *^*

  7. MochiFace

    Sooyoung & Tiffany are friendship Goal

    Find a friend like this and your life will be a success
  8. MochiFace

    SNSD members at Sooyoung movie premier

    SO CUUUUUUTTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. MochiFace

    Comeback Seohyun " My friend" Release

  10. MochiFace

    [Pann] Will Snsd be famous if they debut now

    I feel like they'd be f*cking famous... they have good visuals, good songs, their skills are fine and their company is SM post response: [+515][-148] original post: here 2 |2019.03.03 15:22 신고하기 I feel like they'd be much more popular if they debuted now than before.. We have SNS too and...
  11. MochiFace

    Rumor Seohyun most deviant act

    Damn Seohyun is really a badass girl x))))))
  12. MochiFace

    News Tiffany "Lips on lips" on Itunes charts

  13. MochiFace

    News Sooyoung talk about snsd promotions & Solo album

    God bless this Queen who is ready to release an album with a meaningful message just to bless our ears of insignificant human
  14. Skinnny

    Best era for your bias groups/soloists?

    What has been the best era for your favorite artists till now? The era you think they shined in the most. Loona doesn't have enough eras for me to choose from. Bigbang's best era has to be the "MADE" era for me. They served everything from music to fashion and performances. From Groups I...
  15. MochiFace

    Intro The new lazy bitch in town !!!!

    AYO Bitches !! i came here to take my crown as : → Number 1 snsd fan → Number 1 fromily member → Number 1 hayoung fanboy → Number 1 Sooyoung fan I'm the new lazy bitch in the kpopsource town How are you ???