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    Rank the Big 3

    Rank them in terms of: Discography: Singing: Dancing: Rapping: Visuals: GGs: Bgs:
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    MeUs Which is More Likely

    Which one is more likely? F(x) Comeback or Victoria's album? Which one do you want more? :lazypotato: Victoria is both for me :lazypotato:
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    Is It Time For BTS to Disband?

    I think we can all agree that Boy With Luv's success was due to fandom streaming and mediaplay. BTS are just a trend now in Korea, not capable of lasting. Should they just save themselves some heartache and shame and disband now? :dubuthink: The Real Nation's Boy Group is coming back in 11...
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    The Biggest Scandals Your Bias Went Through

    For Soshi, hands down it's Sicagate and Tiffany's scandal. I'd actually say Tiffany's scandal had a more devastating impact on her.
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    Hey You...Yeah You

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    Just one little issue
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    I live on the 2nd floor of pretty nice apartment complex with my mother and much younger brother. And management usually really good about maintenance and all of that. But the concrete stairs outside needed repairs badly. A few had begun crumbling and breaking off at the ends Today, my mom was...
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    Is It Just Me Or...

    Does Ladies Code Comeback not have a name...? :welp: @mysteric @BritishLuvie @CrunchyLegend @SuddenlyKfan
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    Teaser Ladies Code Zuny Teaser

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    Appreciation This Might Be One Of My Favorite Pictures Ever

    Give Cherry Bullet A Shot :sanapray:
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    Teaser Taeyeon 'Voice' Teaser

    @NogaNono @StarWarsBitch @BritishLuvie @lexusuwu
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    18+ Weird Things On Your Timeline Thread

    18+ because Twitter is...