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good songs

  1. maruberry

    Senior kpop fans, post an old hit that new fans might not know

    There is so many bops and great hits from 2nd and 3rd gen, that new fans might not have heard of. I'll start with one of my fave MVs and songs, Infinite's Back
  2. maruberry

    Songs that have surprised me this year

    MCND's Ice Age and Nature's Girls REALLY surprised me this year. With both groups I.... didn't really know much about them besides the fact that they existed. I had heard songs from the before, but they had left no impression on me at all... and then... out of NOWHERE I got hit with Ice age...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation I can't get these 2 songs out of my head

    I've had Keyakizaka's 2018 tour on loop for like a week now and these 2 songs... I just can't get over them! No to mention the way Techi looks so etherial in Mou Mori e Kaerou Ka... and Kimi ga Inai is just such a good song!
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Bops from the past

    There are so many old bops... and they need more appreciation! Here are some of my faves! H.O.T's Candy... I just feel like skipping around every time I hear this song! It's just so good! S.E.S Dreams come true... I'm gonna go fly away and spend time with the aliens! Sechs Kies...
  5. Soleski

    Older (retro?) songs you like?

    they dont make songs like this anymore, and I am more than sad :pepecry1: :pandalove::pandalove: Post older songs you like! /every Abba song is appreciated/ :maheart:
  6. maruberry

    B-side songs from your biasgroup non-fans should know!

    There are so many good songs, but usually most non-fans only know the title tracks, if even that! So post all the songs that deserve to be known by non-fans! EXO - Gravity This song is just amazing! It always makes me hyped and somehow emotional! Seventeen - Habit A duet from the Main...
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation Comment a song you like and I will give you an EXO song I think you would enjoy!

    Like the title says! Give me 1 or more songs that you like and I will do my best to match you with an EXO song you would like!
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation EXO songs and performances non-fans don't know, but should see!

    These are some of my favorite EXO songs, but these are also songs a lot of non-fans don't know! They have such beautiful performances aswell! Angle, the ending song for their concert ElyXion! it is a beautiful song, beautiful vocals and I just love how they are saying goodbye! Chen and Baekhyun...