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  1. VillageIdiot

    Idol Speaks on Her Experience Being Sexually Harassed By Famous Idol

    Her name is Grace, she's a soloist. The first nine minutes are her personal experiences as an idol, the last few minutes are things that happened in her childhood. Yes, the unnamed place is most likely Burning Sun, she's referenced being there before. I think she really hits on why "nugu" idols...
  2. yeji

    Rumor Grace "How to spot a shady company"

    Grace again is serving us the tea. :joysip: Btw. if you didn't know she used to train to debut in a girl group and has some expierence with those kind of things
  3. yeji

    Rumor Grace talking about Unpretty Rapstar

    quite intresting to hear her talk about what was going on and how the show worked.