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  1. Suzy

    Official MAFIA Game Thread

    Hi everyone, this will be the official game thread for mafia. By now, you should have all been assigned your roles. If you didn't receive a pm from me though, please let me know ASAP! The game will officially begin in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! How to...
  2. Suzy

    Official GN#5 - Big Brother Mashup Game

    Welcome everyone to Game Night #5. Graphics by @Baechu The game will begin in 1 hour and 5 minutes! Today the game we will play is pretty simple in theory. HOW TO PLAY We will post a short audio snippet with a mashup of 3-4 songs per snippet. You must guess the songs in the snippets...
  3. Suzy

    Event [SIGN UP] Big Brother Mafia

    graphics by @Baechu Hello everyone, the final game of our Big Brother event is MAFIA! Unlike all of our previous games though, this game requires you to sign up as we will need to assign you all roles and make some other preparations. 5 SPOTS LEFT Important Dates Sign Ups - 08/09 - 12/09...
  4. Suzy

    Official GN#3 - BIG BROTHER BINGO

    graphics by @Ahsoka Welcome to our third game night houseguests! The game will begin in 1 hour and 10 minutes! Tonight we will be playing Bingo! HOW TO PLAY - Each of the participants will be given a different board with 9 idols on them. - Using a random name generator, we will call out...
  5. Suzy

    Official Big Brother Elimination Night

    Hello everyone and welcome to our first Elimination Night! graphics by @Baechu Today you will eliminate ONE houseguest from the Big Brother House. How to vote All you have to do is fill out THIS FORM. You have 24 hours to fill it out. Tomorrow at 7PM KST, I will reveal the results...
  6. Suzy


    @Events Please let me know ASAP what you think about this so far. Should I add anything else to it? Or should I remove anything? In case I fall asleep, @Administrator can you please move this from Future Events to Events for everyone to see around 11PM KST? So in about 4ish hours.