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han seo hee

  1. blueberries

    News (Update) Han Seo Hee's lawyer opens up about YG threatening Seo Hee and "drug policy" in YG

    Source: KBS Reports Yang Hyun Suk Accused Of Threatening Informant Over Testimony About B.I (more in the source) "Bang Jung Hyun stated to KBS that Yang Hyun Suk had them both take out their phones and agree not to record the conversation. After that, he reportedly said, “It wouldn’t be...
  2. blueberries

    News The "drug dealer" in B.I's Katalks claimed to be Han Seo Hee

    Source: “A” From B.I’s Chat About Illegal Drug Purchase Reported To Be Han Seo Hee According to Edaily Han Seo Hee is the person A in B.I's Katalks. She was arrested August 2016 and police found Katalks with BI from her phone. When police questioned her she confessed that she had delivered LSD...