1. marublade

    Comment a song lyric and I'll write it out with my relatively pretty handwriting

    I'm bored and wanna practice my handwriting! Plz give me song lyrics to type out! don't make them too long, just like 1-2 lines plz Here's a sample of my handwriting!
  2. Saythename17

    Drop a picture of your handwriting!

    I will post mine when this gets 10 likes! 😁
  3. marublade

    Comment a group and I will write the members names

    It really ain't much and I think others have done it as well before! I'm tryna practice my handwriting and need stuff to write! Gimme the group and if you want a short song lyric or quote from them as well!
  4. marublade

    What is your handwriting like?

    is it good? Is it shitty? is it pretty but unreadable or ugly but very easy to understand? I think mine is alright... Not the prettiest but a good mix of legible and pretty! PS: here is a peep into my english lessons....