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#happy birthday

  1. Ashla_K

    Appreciation Happy 35th birthday BOM!! #Blooming봄Day

    Is March 24th in SK so happy birthday to my UB, BOM!! I honestly don't know what else could I wish to her than to be healthy, because she has accomplished so much already. I used to admire her talent, her adorable and quirky self but now I feel even more proud of her bravery as woman. At her 35...
  2. Nekone

    Appreciation Suzumon is the cutest!

    Happy Suzumon day~!!!
  3. Nekone

    Appreciation Today is such a blessed day

    Today, we celebrate the birthday of a Goddess known as Suzumoto Miyu~ My baby turned 21, time goes by too fast. I hope all the best for Suzumon, health, success and happiness. Happy Birthday to Keyaki's talented dancer and odd ball!