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  1. Ozymandias

    Searching SVT Woozi for trade, will trade for Blackpink, Twice, Loona, IOI, T-ara and many other offers!!

    I have a wide range of cards I'm looking for in exchange of Woozi, so if anyone's interested, please hit me up :sanapray: My preferences: 1. Blackpink Jennie 2. Twice Momo 3. Loona- Yves, Haseul, Chuu or Olivia Hye 4. T-ara- except Ahreum 5. IOI- except Kyulkyung and Yeonjung 6. SuperM- except...
  2. Minuteman

    Discussion [POLL] Butterfly vs Let Me In - LOONA Tournament Round 2

    #2 BUTTERFLY VS #15 LET ME IN LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! Round 1 was very straightforward without any dramatic showdowns. But now we'll see the more popular songs get involved, which should start to make things very interesting! Here are the results from Round 1...
  3. Minuteman

    Discussion [POLL] Let Me In vs Around You - LOONA Tournament Round 1

    #15 LET ME IN VS #18 AROUND YOU LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! This is the first time I will be revisiting a group from my previous tournaments, so this will be really fun! Here's a breakdown of how the tournament will work: And now, let's begin! This is the last of...
  4. Ashla_K

    Teaser Loona's Haseul photo teaser

    OMFG! It seems like we will have LOONA TV and photo teasers until the comeback, which (probably) is the same day as the concert. MomSeul looks gorg, we're getting the dark concept we wanted for so long... I can't deal... :sj_weary::pepecheer::pepecheer:
  5. QueenB

    Appreciation Haseul my goddess

    So idk if y'all know her but this is the Queen, Mother of Loona, 3rd member to be revealed, and my bias Jo Haseul She sang the best Loona solo #fightme She's here to stun you with visuals~ She is a flannel wearing legend And I just want to say I love her Also, I want to request her...
  6. Loona

    Heejin, Hyunjin & Haseul VS. Vivi, Choerry & Yves

    Since I already saw threads like what is your xmas tradition and such... here is my question. Which LOONA xmas song do you prefer? VS. Personally I prefer The Carol 2.0