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hi hello

  1. Exi

    Intro Long overdue intro thread

    Hey everyone ! I’ve been here since late September 2021 and have been procrastinating on making an intro thread. My nickname on the internet is Exi. I’m 22 and have had my friends spam me with Taylor swift’s 22 on my 22nd birthdays 😅. Also, I love fashion , writing (it’s one of my majors at...
  2. SapphireBlueSea

    Intro Hi, hello ^^

    Hi, everyone :llama_wave: i tho i should introduce myself before i start being active here (even i don't know really what to say lol) mm what you need to know about me : i got into kpop in 2011 because of heechul and siwon dramas i'm a drama lover not just kdrama 🙈 (tho lately i didn't watch...
  3. jiminify

    Intro HEY YOU GUYS

    do you know what I was referencing in the title? If not we can't be friends. :joysip: Also hey. How are all you guys?