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hi high

  1. Reverie

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.2

    Second group I’m doing: Loona :sanapray: (tbh none of their eras are the “worst” I’ll just rank them imo) Ranking 1. Why Not 2.Hi High 3. Butterfly/PTT (I can’t choose T^T 4. So what (Not bad, just the others are better) @Orbit :jenniesmug:
  2. saebomss

    Audio want to go to space?

    use headphones and u can listen to loona while going to visit the moon
  3. Minuteman

    Tourney [POLL] Hi High vs Sweet Crazy Love - LOONA Tournament Round 2

    #1 HI HIGH VS #17 SWEET CRAZY LOVE LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! Round 1 was very straightforward without any dramatic showdowns. But now we'll see the more popular songs get involved, which should start to make things very interesting! Here are the results from...