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  1. HalldorOlafsson

    I did this edit for something different

    It's usually not a style I use, but I think it's cool. Of Park Jiyeon from T-ARA.
  2. HalldorOlafsson

    Don't Lose Hope, A Dive into Despair

    Wrecking ball persona I never owned up to I am a liar, a thief, a fake flakes of skin fall from the bone all alone in a violent world the voices whisper darkness into my ear I fear them, I loathe them I dive into despair for long periods of time I don't lose hope I wash myself down with soap...
  3. HalldorOlafsson

    I am thinking of....

    writing poetry again. Been slacking off a lot with it. I have ideas, just I don't put pen to paper.
  4. HalldorOlafsson

    what's the laziest thing you have done?

    I use my computer in my bedroom, so I don't have to get out of my bed haha!
  5. HalldorOlafsson

    What's your favourite hair colour when dyed

    I've done blonde, blonde and red and soon green. You stand out more and it's great and nice for my lack of social skill.
  6. victorious

    I need a advice

    So I never picked up a hobby since elementary school. My Dad and his family didn’t care about me. Now recently since this year, and two years ago, I picked up a lot of hobbies. I can’t even go out and meet people because I don’t have a car and because of Covid and delta Verent. Now I’m just...
  7. FaceMcShooty

    What is yout nerdiest interest?

    Mine is ancient weapons. I don't own any, I'm just in for the aesthetics :chickill:
  8. Lighterxx


    So, here is a thread to recommend books, whether digital, physical, action or romantic, translation or original, simply made to discover new books! Tell the genres you wish to have book recommended or just recommend books to users here, enjoy!