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  1. mirella

    Audio SS – Woo Won Jae feat. Simon Dominic, Hoody

    I haven't even listened to it yet because I'm at school lol but I will later. @lalaloveloona @Reo @RainbowDevil @Ozymandias @CrunchyLegend @baekk
  2. mirella

    Appreciation 'Solo' is such a good song !!

    I used to think this song was meh but it's actually kind of good. Vocals are smooth af :sj_weary: --- Listen to Jay Park and Hoody y'all. @Ozymandias :chickill:
  3. yeji

    MV Hoody - Sunshine ( feat. Crush)

    Hoody and Crush sound sooooo amazing together. Just in love with the song already