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  1. seoriverse

    Appreciation Just Dance Jung Hoseok in a Red Suit

    either you understand or you don't :sippinthetea: like look at him 🤭 just his dance moves amaze me but the red suit... oh my so handsome so hot just dance jung hoseok in a red suit is truly a blessing :sanapray:
  2. seoriverse

    Photo cutest friendship 💓

    joon and hoseok with their matching tattoos, there's nothing cuter in this world :pepeheart: @ARMY
  3. victorious

    About the MBTI video

    I found this video on YouTube on RM’s MBTI and this user never made another video on other each member’s MBTI for 20 min long. Taehyung: ENFP/INFP Suga and Jin: INTP Jungkook: ISFP Jhope: ESFJ Jimin: ENFJ Can someone make a video like this? If you have a YouTube channel
  4. blurryface

    Solo sun is rising

    today is 18th february aka the day when sun shines most brightly aka hoseok's birthday aka birth of a dance master aka birth of hope happy birthday hoseok. i hope you can always be that happy and always smile. i hope that you will never ever leave what you love to do. keep shinning, keep...
  5. HopeOnTheStreet

    Teaser J-Hope and Becky G teasing collab

    They started to tease the collab :pepeheart: :sippinthetea: :jenniesmug: BTS even retweeted the first tweet from Becky :sippinthetea: It's coming :rosesmug: :sanapray:
  6. blurryface

    Appreciation masterpiece reminder ²

    giving 1 hour version cuz YOU SHOULD LISTEN IT FOR 1 HOUR :pandacop::pandacop::pandacop:
  7. mrsjimim

    Hello my name is Hoseok and I love Yoongi

    Hello KPS! I love @Yoongi soo much and i'm gonna marry with @Yoongi one day! Please support us! :pepeheart: thank you to @Soleski , @SugaRush and @blurryface for supporting us