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house stark

  1. VillageIdiot


    Get on our level and support out anon. Allow us to bless you with knowledge so that you can be like us :sanapray: But first meet the Hoes Hoe #1 Hoe #1: @maruif Occupation: stalking SMNGG Fun fact: applied to be Kai's Red Suit in Tempo but was denied due to lack of experience Hoe #2 Hoe #2...
  2. Suzy

    What was the last pain you felt?

    I had a terrible stomach ache last night so that was my last pain. What was yours? Could be anything from mental (feelings) pain to physical pain. So go ahead and tell me your pain!
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation House Stark is superior to all the other bitchass weak houses!

    All others are full of liars, cheaters, cowards and bastards! We in House stark are honest and hardworking! We will never give in, never bow down and we will make wiener come for all the other houses! We are strong like a mountain! We will be victorious! @Soleski @Golden_Wishes @maruif...