1. Jimimis

    Appreciation cant stop thinking about him

    omg is he beautiful, so long and elegant :sadcat: and the way his hair swishes is so magical!!!! everything about him is made perfectly by god to have me fall in love I swear
  2. Jimimis

    will your bias age well?

    99% of men age terribly!!! but since idols take care of their skin they have a little more hope right? anyway I think jimin won't age the best. he won't be ugly (he could never be anything but perfect) but he will have seen better days lol the idol that'll age the best in my bias group has...
  3. Jimimis

    Appreciation Can you pass the bts exam?

    yeah i got like 0 :nekosweat:
  4. Jimimis

    Appreciation the four members that stood out in EPEX

    dude!!!! i watched their stage to get four minutes of non-boredom, and I'm actually really intrigued!!!!!!!!!! #4 on this list is Keum not much to say about him. thought he was pretty cute, his face has much potential. #3 is amin a charming prince kind of visual. a few off features...
  5. Jimimis

    Fanart Sketchbook tour!

    I finished my sketchbook finally a few days ago ^^ this was two years of work!
  6. Jimimis

    Video [EPISODE] TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘혼돈의 장: FREEZE’ Jacket Shooting Sketch | TXT ARE VISUAL ANGELS

    the makeup on these darlings!!!!! in the ice prince photos how they're all so pale with the pink/red accents YES THIS IS EXACTLY MY KIND OF LOOK yeonjun looks magical as always, the perfect it boy that he is he could wear a potato sack and still steal my heart! motorcycle yeonjun is brilliant...
  7. Jimimis

    Appreciation How does Jimin exist TT

    What a cute little nose he has :bigcatlove:
  8. Jimimis

    post the latest youtube video you watched

    ill start stream butter yall
  9. Jimimis

    Sensitive jungkook fasted for 5 days to film butter

    he looked so lovely in butter, it did pay off I guess, but poor baby :( so dedicated we don't deserve you :pepecry1:
  10. Jimimis

    is your bedroom aesthetic?

    ive been putting up some more posters in my room and trying to clean it up so it looks prettier. I'm still too unorganized to be truly aesthetic but it doesn't look bad
  11. Jimimis

    Found Pristin nayoung infinite dongwoo Kara hara

    I’ll probably take whatever boy group cards you offer as long as they’re not completely hideous
  12. Jimimis

    18+ i was always meant to sin, so witness my carnality |xie lian x hua cheng| my fic reached 200 kudos~ yes this was a horribly cringe smut attempt. combined with my unbelievably pretentious writing it really is quite a disaster but I'm very proud of it!!!!
  13. Jimimis

    Found Rare Huening Kai

    Only 1 in existence!!! normal cards I want: Astro rocky Bts Suga + jhope Nct taeyong + doyoung txt beomgyu + Yeonjun + taehyun Rare cards I want: txt beomgyu + Yeonjun + taehyun Bts jimin + jin
  14. Jimimis

    Found just get t ara ahreum away from me thx

    will take literally any boy
  15. Jimimis

    Closed Hiding threads by ignored members

    The threads by people I have on ignore show up in the latest threads/ latest replies area thingy. Is it possible to just not see it at all?
  16. Jimimis

    Appreciation 2 year anniversary of jimimis

    some appreciation for me :taesquish:
  17. mimi_mimi

    BSH Entertainment

    If we’re gonna have the Big 4, then bighit needs a name change to fit in with the cool kids and their fancy initials. we can’t just have SM, JYP, YG, Big Hit. so I propose bighit rename itself to BSH Entertainment (Bang Si Hyuk)
  18. Jimimis

    Fanfiction Wait the Painted Year | Doyoung x Taeyong I haven’t written a fic since MARCH guys :nekoshy: please kudos me
  19. Jimimis

    So what’s the damage?

    How’s everyone’s Christmas dinners been :sakUwu: Yummy? What did you eat? Are you reading this in your dreams during a food coma?
  20. Jimimis

    I can’t think of any New Years resolutions

    How could I possibly improve myself? it’s so hard to be perfect :( What shall I do?