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hua chen yu

  1. Suzy

    It has been a year... almost

    Since I have last interacted in the forum with anyone... I can't believe how long it has been. Does anyone even remember me anymore? There are so many new users though which is nice to see. It also looks more active :sanapray: Also as a flop EXO-L I haven't even heard Kai's song or listen to...
  2. Suzy


    I love him. We need more artists to act like this. Papparazzi/Sasaengs are literal stalkers and can cause so many dangerous situations. They need to be dealt with with the law. In other news, since news of him having a child was released, Hua Chen Yu gained 1.2+M new followers and he reached...
  3. Suzy

    Performance Ethereal beauty and grace

    I am stunned by his talent and by his beauty. What a way to end the year. Nothing is more beautiful than this performance. Like I haven't felt this impressed by an artist in a LONG time. And this look is just WOW. Stan Hua Chenyu. Stan TALENT. Stan beauty.
  4. Suzy

    Appreciation Excuse me haters

    Hua Chenyu has a message for you all turn on cc Original, MV version
  5. Suzy

    Bullfighting: when man and animal are considered equals

    This song is VERY experimental for K-Pop standards so I'm not expecting very many of you to actually like it, but the meaning behind the song and MV is something I think everyone can appreciate. "The MV of this song is produced by a creative team in the famous creative advertisement company...
  6. Suzy

    Teaser Hua Chen Yu <New World> MV teaser!!

    IT HAS LITERALLY BEEN A MILLION YEARS AND HE'S FINALLY RELEASING A MV! I'M SO HAPPY! BULLFIGHTING MV IS COMING ON MAY 3RD! I'm so excited!! For anyone who has not heard this masterpiece yet, listen to this and bask in the glory that is Hua Chen Yu
  7. Suzy

    I'm sorry but I have to do this

    stan hua chen yu stan talent :chickill::chickill::chickill::chickill::chickill: also I just realised that almost all of my male faves have that martian/alien/universe concept going on... I think I'm attracted to aliens.
  8. Suzy

    Appreciation A Song Without Lyrics

    Not only did he audition and pass with this song, but he went on to win the season and is now one of the biggest singer/songwriters in the country. KING.