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  1. Suzy

    Cover 2 Idiots attempt the BTS dance challenge

    Their name suits them so well. 🤣 Also I need all of N.flying to dance to Rooftop lol. They're such losers, it's bound to be so much fun. ALSO I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SEEING CHA HUN DANCE. The boy is evolving. I mean if you don't know what his dance skills are like, you have to watch this video...
  2. Rukia

    MV N.Flying "Color" Official M/V Out Now!

    I changed my opinion on their previous single "Pinhole." I love it now despite the autotune. Now they've blessed me with another bop. I also love this one :nekolove: Looks like there's only 1 more MV left to be released now. I can't wait for their full Japanese album. They finally have a lot...
  3. Rukia

    MV N.Flying "Spring Memories" Official M/V OUT NOW!

    Haven't seen the MV yet because I'm at school right now but I already heard the whole song when they went busking 2 days ago and it was a BOP!
  4. Rukia

    MV N.Flying "Pinhole" M/V Out Now!

    This is for their upcoming Japanese full album. There are still two more music videos left! I don't mind the autotune but some people might be put off by it and I really hope FNC gave them a Japanese lyricist to work with because ever since "Stand By Me" (their best Japanese song yet), their...
  5. Rukia

    Is N.Flying's "Rooftop" Song of the Year material?

    It just rose to #3 on Melon's Realtime chart and rose to #4 in Daily chart. It literally outcharted a lot of songs from big artists/digimons these past few months. The longevity is insane and to think it dropped out of Melon Top 1000 when it was first released :pepecry1::pepecry1::pepecry1: You...
  6. Rukia


    WTFFFF I already lost hope for another win because of how tough the competition is (ITZY stopped promotions now that's why lol) but omgggg I'm emotional. :pepecry1::pepecry1::pepecry1: They were supposed to stop their extended promotions but Inkigayo called them back again. :yolk::yolk::yolk...