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hunger games

  1. xtra

    Hunger Games Simulator: Ended

    The bloody game will start soon :mess: DISTRICTS: District 1: @Juniverse, Jungwon and Jonghun District 2: @Exi, Hyelin and @OnlyCalB District 3: @Goldenstar, @QueenieLime and kyungsoo District 4 : @Yili, Bob and Jihoon District 5: @FarAwayRocky, Jeongho and Wonho District 6: @Reverie, Erin...
  2. LoveYooShaSha

    Movie n TV Series finales-wats your take? Spoilers galore!

    So the reaction to GoT series finale here is completely opposite of mine-spoilers Wats ur take on series finales? Start w/easier ones like LOTR n HP. Loved them. Hunger Games...
  3. wayvoutsold

    If the Hunger Games was real and all of KPS was participating, what would happen?

    I think @Reo or @notthatmarko would win, and @Jimimis would be the first to die