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  1. Baechu

    Hello, I‘m hungry

    I‘m trying to get active on the forums again, so hi :llama_wave: Don‘t be shy, comment and I‘ll guess your favorite food:pandarolleyes:
  2. Mew

    Appreciation Thank you all ^^

    This will be my first thread here (Maybe my only)... cause i've never in my life made an intro on any forum i've been on and i'm not about to not my style xD i like to go unnoticed for the most part! But I would like to thank everyone who have liked my posts on KPS so far, especially since i...
  3. Ashla_K

    The most relevant poll in KPS

    Fried chicken or BBQ chicken? I'm hungry and Idk what to choose now... Edit:As most of you voted, I'll buy fried chicken but I'm not in the mood for fries so it goes with tostones (fried plantains) and fanta.