1. marublade

    The truth hurts

    This tweet hurts. Is whoever made that tweet a toxic fuck? Yes. Are they wrong? no. Are they lying? no. Do I hate that I know this is true? yes. Kun deserves SO MUCH love. He does SO MUCH for WayV and us and he is just the most precious and most supportive man in the world. His vocals are...
  2. marublade

    I hate old EXO clips and performances

    I hate seeing KrisLuTao with them in those clips. It has been years, but it still hurts. Especially Luhan and Tao, because Tao was my wrecker and Luhan was up there too! It just hurts. A bit of advice for new EXO-Ls and old EXO-Ls alike. DO NOT WATCH EXO SHOWTIME! You will fall in love with...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation This hurts me...

    Good to me Woozi hurts me, and he hurts me BAD. He is too much for me to handle in those clothes and that attitude!