i cant even tag x1 bc their name is too short

  1. RainbowDevil

    Cover Lee Eunsang's dance cover of Senorita

    Well no one else posted it so... X1 content is still X1 content :joysip: :sakUwu: X1 taglist: @TwentyOneIzz @JJbaker @SaviorTXT @Queen @Pigeon @potato @Yolks @Wingfrost @chvnle @MinSquishy @planetarium @kinnie
  2. Haolat

    Sales X1 has surpassed 100K preorders with their debut album QUANTUM LEAP

    A new top group is coming :queen:
  3. Yolks

    Teaser X1 Highlight Medley

    Getting closer and closer to debut :sanapray: @RainbowDevil @TwentyOneJongdae @JJbaker @Queen @Pigeon @potato @Yolks