i promise i'm not guy fieri

  1. Tickita

    18+ How you like your 🥚🍳?

    Fried? Scrambled? Deviled? Another way? Any veggies? What do you eat them with/on? I like fried eggs that I eat on toast with sausages/bacon deviled eggs diced in tuna and potato salad scrambled with cheese & green peppers
  2. Tickita

    How do you like your 🥔?

    Fries? Baked? Chips? Tots? Sweet? Another way? Any sauce? I like tots the most. Also fries and chips. I put either ketchup or mumbo sauce on tots and fries. Occasionally I eat baked potatoes too, with cheese. Wbu?
  3. Tickita

    How do you like your 🍗?

    Baked? Fried? Rotisserie? Another way? Any sauce, dressing? Bone or boneless? What part of the chicken? I like it fried, boneless with spicy BBQ. In tenders/strips or patty form. If it has a bone I prefer wings. Wbu?
  4. Tickita

    What do you put on your 🍔?

    How many patties? How done is the patty? Condiments? Vegetables? Cheese? If homemade, how do you assemble it? Anything else? At a restaurant I get everything but mayo. One patty, well done. At home I get one patty. It's assembled as: Top bun (regular or toasted) Ketchup, mustard, Miracle Whip...