1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation The English Version Just Hits Different...

  2. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation It has been 315 days since this microphone was last seen...

    It's back, and I will admit seeing it made me burst into tears. The iconic sparkly bling mic is back, and with it, Wonho performing on music shows. It's a very good day. :sadcat::nekolove:
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation They don't make them like this anymore...

    The looks, the sets, the cool but catchy choreography, the BIG, EPIC sounding chorus! It's just pop perfection with all of the cool but unexpected switch ups and break downs that could so easy sound forced or messy but are so well executed! It's the PERFECT mix of experimental and mainstream...
  4. marublade

    Which one is my most iconic DP?

    So I like to think I change my DP's semi-rarely and have over time had quite a few iconic DPs! But which one is the MOST iconic? YOU VOTE! Here be the candidates and be sure to tell me if you think I missed an extra-iconic one!
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    My 2000th Post

    Come on 2000th post, let's get SICKENING!!!
  6. kuro

    tag a few iconic users

    I'll start @Yolks @JungYoda @Ozymandias :queen:
  7. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance I'm just gonna leave this here...

    You're welcome, bitches! 😘
  8. KarmaButterfly

    MV Songs New Kpop Fans Can't Miss (Part 1)

    So, I will make a list here of songs that are so iconic that you can't call yourself a kpop fan if you don't know them. You're welcome. PART 2 COMING SOON