1. P

    I am NOT doing GFX anymore. I am over it and I don't have any ideas

    Been doing it since 2012 or was it 2011. But still I am over it besides not being any good. so yeah. That is all. @Bookworm @kodoku @vogue @Cherry_Lady If I have to use a dp or signature. It will just be old ones I made over the years. Not any new ones.
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    I know everyone says kpop is over-saturated but...

    Do you see any gaps in the market that need filling currently, like a concept of a genre that is being overlooked that you see potential in? Anything that was popular in the previous generations that you don't see any current groups doing?
  3. P

    Give me something to write about pls and thank you

    Any theme is an option at this point. I will write a poem with whatever theme you guys come up with. Stay glam! P.S: I usually write darkly poems and gothic orientated ones. But I want to do something unusual for once, for my sake and to my fans who will see it :)
  4. marublade

    I need sig ideas!

    I need help thinking of what to put in my sig! Should it be Woozi or Kai or somebody else? Should It be a gif or a picture or an edited pretty sig or what? Or maybe a video? What pictures... I'm not asking for definite answers, just some ideas or things that could spark my interest!
  5. MinSquishy

    I need some ideas..

    ..of some series threads. In AKP I made a Yana's Kitchen. >Link< >Link< And my friend in AKP makes pre-debut vs. debut threads. >Link< I need some ideas. Any ideas are welcome. (No bashing other people's ideas)