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idk what im doing

  1. tai

    Do you prefer angst or fluff?

    tbh I can go either way haha
  2. Penggie

    Intro The Introduction Title of Titles

    Hello my name is Peng! Nice to meet u all! heres some facts for you! 1. The earth is flat 2. The moon landings were faked 3. Coronavirus is a hoax the real enemy is 5G 4. Mirros arent real 5. My bias is @Yolks 6. Mangoes/@Mangoey taste delicious 7. @kuro is holding a gun to my head 8...
  3. Hera

    Intro Salut ^^ uwu

    Hello kids, I'm here to bless this site with my presence. I stan multiple groups but my main ones as of now are Itzy and Blackpink. (gg stans follow me) Irrelevant and trivial information you may need to know. - 5'4 (I'm average not shortttt ;;) - I discovered Kpop back in 2014 thanks to...