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idol producer season 3

  1. Monster

    Fanart [Youth With You Season 2] Xie Keyin's Telegram Sticker Pack

    (I hope I'm posting this thread in the right place :llama_laugh:) So as I was watching YWY I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the Xie Keyin's reactions to everything. I just find her so funny and I felt like I had to make a sticker pack for telegram with her reactions. And now I wanted to...
  2. QueenB

    Reality Photos of Idol Producer 3 Contestants

    So the different companies participating are releasing photos of the trainees that'll be on the show! I'm so excited~
  3. maruberry

    Reality Cai Xukun is the MC on idol Producer S3!

    Fuck YES, from being the winner of S1 to now being the mentor! GET THAT MONEY MY BOY!