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  1. Abeamus

    News Lee Hae In speaks up about her unfair elimination from Idol School

    Lee Hae In made a post on her online fan community on June 12, just a few days after chief producer (CP) Kim Tae Eun of the Mnet program “Idol School” was sentenced to prison for manipulating votes. It was also revealed that CP Kim Tae Eun had eliminated Lee Hae In from the new girl group that...
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    News Idol School chief producer receives prison sentence for vote manipulation

    On June 10, a sentencing hearing was held at Seoul Central District Court for the “Idol School” CP Kim Tae Eun and the planning and production team leader “Kim.” Kim Tae Eun was sentenced to one year in prison, while the planning and production team leader “Kim” was sentenced a fine of 10...
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    News Arrest warrant requested for Idol School staff