i'm so hot

  1. kuro

    WOOWA or I'm So Hot

    pretty simple both bops released close together both groups I stan both more of a dance pop tune both have catchy choruses what more to say? for me, it's probably i'm so hot, because I was anticipating that more than woowa, but both songs exceeded my expectations. woowa's choreo and chorus are...
  2. dooh

    Teaser (MOMOLAND) "I'm So Hot" M/V Teaser 2

    i love it !!! bop incoming llama_twerkllama_twerk @igloo @Ozymandias @Lovely_Cornchips @lalaloveloona @lexusuwu @Pigeon @twentyfivedollar @JungYoda @AnotherKpopTrash @Tir @Ireneisbaee @perhapz