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is blackpink in your area?

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    Which GOT Character are you?

    I got Stream house lannisters theme song Kill this love. :queen:
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    Honest opinion...

    Of me? I got reported for being shady and inciting, and i'm honestly kinda hurt and thinking of leaving kps. Cheer me up or cheer me down.
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    If y'all can express you think Sangria is innocent others can express their opinions on thinking he's guilty. Stop being hypocritical. Mature discussions only if you're neutral? Bullocks.
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    Users that you get confused with?

    I always confuse @Pigeon with @KwonSoonYoung Which users have interchangeable online personalities? Discuss
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    18+ 18+ because...

    like what is she trying to do? :seokeyes:
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    MV SUNMI ‘누아르(Noir)' MV

    Queen released another national hit
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    Get to know me

    I was inspired by @twinkle & @winwinlucas123 threads. Not plagiarizing. Please don't sue me. :nosejoo: