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itzy? itzy!

  1. seoriverse

    Video [ITZY?ITZY!] EP106

  2. naturalqueen

    [ITZY] I hope next comeback would be...

    good... tbh, i find dumdi dumdi better than not shy wannabe, dalla dalla, and icy was superior for me, but not shy was just bad for me itzy got what it takes to be a top group with the right music, a lot of people are giving attention to them, i hope jyp won't fck up with their next comeback
  3. naturalqueen

    the irony between these ggs

    talking about these rookie ggs... the ones who is called untalented sings live, and you can clearly hear them singing and the one who is ought to save "4th gen vocals" is lipsyncing what a disappointment
  4. VillageIdiot

    Itzy is Dalla Dalla Now

    I've just watched it a few times but the things I've noticed so far Very much different from Itzy has normally released. Even though it doesn't have (in my opinion) any of the traits that made Itzy's songs great, it's still a really good song. I'm glad JYPE read the writing on the walls and let...
  5. VillageIdiot

    Teaser Itzy - Not Shy Tracklist

  6. E

    Cherry is SOTY

    It's such a hot song. The vocals, the beat, the composition - itz talent. Icy - Cherry - Itz Summer = Summer bops. Even the remixes are good! :maheart: Itz truly different, Stan Itzy
  7. VillageIdiot

    Teaser IT'z ICY Ryujin Teasers

  8. VillageIdiot

    Teaser IT'z ICY Lia Teasers

  9. VillageIdiot

    Teaser IT'z ICY Yeji Teaser

  10. VillageIdiot


  11. VillageIdiot

    Rumor Itzy Expected to Comeback 22nd or 27th

    A few weeks back, major leaks of them filming for their MV were released as well