1. marublade

    When IZ*ONE disbands, what do you hope the members will go on to do?

    For me... Eunbi & Chaewon - I would love to see them debut as a duo, I think they'd fit together really well Yena - Everglow Hitomi - I would love it if she got pushed as a center in AKB, if that doesn't happen tho, I'd like to see her as a model Nako - HKT48 center Sakura -...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Eunbi on Melon Awards

    Boi boi boi boiiii GURRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I don't even have time for this but I still made these :sanapray: I would have made some for the other members but as I said, no time. Use em as you want, the first one is mine tho :sanapray: @Wiz*one
  3. Ozymandias

    TV IZ*ONE An Yujin, Treasure Jihoon and NCT Sungchan will be the new Inkigayo MCs!!

    The current MCs- April’s Naeun, Monsta X Minhyuk and NCT Jaehyun will be stepping down and these three will be taking over as the new MCs :sj_weary: Future it girl and Korean queen An Yujin making those moves yass, grabbing an MC spot with a boi from YG and SM :nakypog: Anticipate...
  4. marublade

    How has your biaslist in IZ*ONE changed since PD48?

    Has your bias list in IZ*ONE changed since Produce 48? is your bias who you thought it would be and has there be any surprise favourites? For me.... Chaeyeon was my favourite on the show and is still my bias now BUT.... Hii-chan really came out of nowhere for me! I vaguely remembered her from...
  5. eclipsoul


  6. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Choi sibs with another tic tok

    All of em are in the IZ*ONE group thread. most on pages 167 -8 https://kpopsource.com/threads/iz-one-official-thread-bloom-iz-is-out-stream-fiesta.6311/page-168#post-821554 Running man has sick pics there too.
  7. Abeamus

    Fun fact if Iz*One doesn't have another comeback

    They have exactly 8 titles that I could make a tournament with but it'd mean including Suki To Iwasetai, Vampire and everyones favourite Iz*One title Buenos Aires :lisalaugh:
  8. marublade

    PODCAST Idol Downtime ep. 13 - IZ*ONE, Dreamcatcher, Aespa, AKBingo Neo, Yukirin, STU48

    Sooo it's been a while since I posted an episode here, but here I am back again! This episode we have a special guest Ruka with us and she was an excellent addition! We start out discussing the recent MV from STU48 and have quite varied opinions on it! We go on with Yukirin's Solo MV and...
  9. Ozymandias

    Appreciation 4th gen gg leaders- the I-trinity!

    Usually it's always been Big 3 GGs dominating (and they still are with BP/Twice/RV on top) but the new gen is making waves and these three are def leaders of the pack so far. I expect Aespa, BigHitNGG and whenever YGNGG debuts to make an impact too but for now, the I-trinity are doing well...
  10. marublade

    IZ*ONE's disband date is going to be revealed TODAY

    Or well Tomorrow depending on whether it's the 3rd or the 4th for you rn... But supposedly we are getting a report on whether IZ*ONE is going to disband as planned or get an extention... TODAY! I am scared like actually scared.... @Wiz*one
  11. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation D D Dance [GIFs]

    Despite the technical difficulties of the kpop industry being full of massive cunts that make you download stupid apps I made half of the MV's gifs. Hopefully the second half will be soon too I like the song for the most part but the MV itself is kinda chaotic and really dark at times so it's...
  12. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation I'm officially a WIZ*ONE [Celebration]

    After being an exclusively Eunbi fanboy, which I still kinda am, t'was time to get to know the entire group. I'm just a tad bit late but hey, I don't really give a fuck :pikadab: Anyway, I made a shit ton of Panorama gifs to celebrate :maheart: @RandAlThor I did a Yena into Yena...
  13. Abeamus

    Teaser Iz*One "D-D-Dance" Concept Photo 3

  14. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Blessed fancam

    I need to appreciate Eunbi some more, so here have the fancam I'm streaming. Enjoy it with all your might :sanapray: Short blonde hair Eunbi is best :nekolove: The stability of her live singing will always fascinate me :sj_weary: @Girl Group
  15. Abeamus

    Teaser Iz*One "D-D-Dance" Concept Photo 2

  16. RainbowDevil

    Which IZ*ONE members weren't supposed to debut?

    I remember someone talking about which IZ*ONE and X1 members would have been in the groups if not for the voter manipulation And since I didn't know IZ*ONE at the time. Which member would have made it and instead of which current member? Probably Kaeun and Miho instead of Yena and Yuri? Since as...
  17. Abeamus

    Teaser Iz*One "D-D-Dance" Schedule

  18. Ozymandias

    Trading IZ*ONE Hyewon for trade!!

    Looking for any of these: IOI: Nayoung, Mina, Somi T-ara: Anybody except Hyomin and Ahreum Loona: Haseul, Yves or Olivia Blackpink: Jennie Other GG cards will be also accepted as long as they aren't super common. Maybe a few SuperM/NCT cards too. EDIT: Taemin has been traded!! Hyewon still...
  19. Ozymandias

    Appreciation Minhyun, Hwasa and Nako appreciation thread

    The cards game has made me avoid these names like the plague, but let's remember the actual idols are really talented and deserve love and appreciation :yolk: I'll always admire you three, I just don't want you guys in my card locker. But please join me in appreciating these talented human...
  20. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation IZ*ONE - Panorama *REVIEW*

    I used to do reviews all the time and since I want to get cards too why not bring it all back together. I'll mostly be doing quick reviews rather than really long ones like I did while i was Press Lead :maheart: So the beginning really sets you up for either liking or hating the song. If you...