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    Teaser New set of teasers for cignature's debut!

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    Debut cignature DEBUT Thread - 03.02

    IT IS HAPPENING PEOPLE!!! C9's new girl group, cignature, is going to debut on February 3rd!!!!! (They are under J9, a label established for C9's female artists) Their debut album will be called Nun Nu Nan Na Planning
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    News C9 Entertainment has established a new music label

    So a few days ago I made a thread about C9 Girlz, who are now called cignature and will debut mid-February. Turns out that C9 Ent has made a music label, J9, which will focus on girl groups (CIX will remain under C9). J9 will be represented by Kim Bumjoon. ANTICIPATE CIGNATURE, ROTY