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  1. Abeamus

    All time favourite January release?

    Mine would obviously be
  2. A

    Marko's Top 100 - January 2019

    I guess I'll cheat a bit and retroactively update my charts. So, here we go. Only 2019 releases of January. It will grow to a Top 100. # Artist Title 33 Ryeowook (Super Junior) I'm Not Over You 32 M.Fect Designer 31 Ryeowook (Super Junior) Drunk in the morning 30 Shaun...
  3. RavenHikari

    Appreciation My Favorite K-pop Songs Of January 2019

    These are song that impressed this past month: Solo Releases: BTOB Minhyuk(Huta) - YA Hotshot Taehyun - I Wanna Know f(x) Luna - Even So Super Junior Ryeowook - Drunk In The Morning Group Releases: 10. Seventeen - Home 9. Favorite - Loca 8. Imfact - Only U 7. LU:KUS - Faker 6. KNK -...