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    Discussion Damn Daniel

    His dating scandal sliced his sales in half Thought his canvases was mainly older women :dubuthink:
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    Rumor The Rose Is Coming Back!!!

    Woosung went on Instagram and started promoting new official accounts for the Rose, separate from j&star Look at its Insta Post 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Our boyz are coming back😭
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    Rumor f(x) Coex Memorabilia being Sold By Staff

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    Discussion Not Quite a Rant #1

    Members working on the track and a different producer for each track Good for them. I can't help but wonder when BP is going to get the same opportunity. Or why girl groups have a harder time writing in YGE in general. Pretty tired of only seeing Teddy on the tracklist (that we rarely get...
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    News First Celebrity Case Of Corona

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    Discussion Translation Of Jaejoong's IG post

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    Reality I Am Somi EP 1

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    News TWICE Announces New Reality Show

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    Appreciation A Non-Reveluv Ranking All of Red Velvet's Songs

    AKA More Late Night Shenanigans For whatever reason, the image downloaded blurry so S tier- A tier - B tier - C tier - D tier - F tier - So I really enjoyed doing this. I haven't seriously listened to Red Velvet's music since my brief phase as a Reveluv last year. It was fun to go back...
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    News Well That Was A Weird...

    ...24 hours Very Weird Male aesthetics are just too weird :nekosweat: I shall go back to my safe space aka Jessicaland™ Everything is right in the world now :yes:
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    Discussion Most Searched Kcelebs on Bilibili

    The most-searched celebrities on China’s ‘Bilibili’ in 2019 (feat. Korean celebrities) Source Bilibili is a Chinese platform equivalent to YouTube From January to October 2019 Top 500 artists – Korean artists only 2 BTS 6 EXO 12 TWICE 14 BLACKPINK 17 NCT 21 IZONE 24 Cosmic Girls 26 MAMAMOO 28...
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    Discussion [SPOILER] WINNERS OF Asia Artist Awards

    Winners of 2019 Asia Artist Awards Singer of the Year (Daesang): TWICE Album of the Year (Daesang): SEVENTEEN’s ‘An Ode’ Song of the Year (Daesang): Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah” Performance of the Year (Daesang): GOT7’s “You Calling My Name” Actor of the Year (Daesang): Jang Dong Gun...
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    Discussion The Real Meaning Of Taeyeon's Four Seasons

    Music all Four Seasons :nekolove:
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    News TRCNG Members File Child Abuse Complaints Against TS

    TRCNG Wooyeop and Taeseon file criminal complaint against TS Entertainment for child abuse, special assault, and money extortion They have also filed to terminate their contracts OH_mes Original Edit: More details TRCNG's Wooyeop and Taeson have filed complaints with the Seoul Metropolitan...
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    Appreciation A Most Unexpected Rabbit Hole

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    Discussion MMA First Day Voting Results

    Result of the first voting day of Melon Music Awards 2019 (MMA) Artist of the year – BTS Album of the year – BTS’s “MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA” Song of the year – BTS’s “Boy With Luv” Rookie of the Year – TXT Hot Trend Award – Ha Sung Woon Netizen Popularity Award – BTS Best Ballad...
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    News Evidence of Rigging Found Season 1 and 2

    Police have reportedly found circumstantial evidence that there was vote rigging in Produce 101 Season 1 (I.O.I) and Season 2 (Wanna One) They are investigating the difference between the data received, and the number shown to the viewers Source Original
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    Discussion Album Sales of Top 7 Companies

    1. Big Hit 2. SM 3. JYP 4. Pledis 5. YG 6. Swing 7. Starship Columns: Rank, company, number of sales in 2019, sales in October, accumulated sales in 2019, % sales from the artist over total sales in the company Original: 2019 소속사별 앨범 판매량 ㄷㄷㄷ Pann: [enter-talk] ALBUM SALES PER COMPANY IN 2019 ㄷㄷㄷ