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  1. Darkyoda47

    News Both Rihanna & Adele Set To Release Albums in December ~

    WE ARE NOT READY! SANTA IS NOT READY! MARIAH CAREY IS NOT READY! NOBODY IS READY! :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen:
  2. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation Have You Guys Ever Heard Of Dami Im?

    Dami Im is a Korean-Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist performing artist. Dami is known for achieving the highest Eurovision score for Australia. She won the fifth season of The X Factor Australia and subsequently received a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. Anyway...
  3. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation Roly Poly & Lovey Dovey Are The True Definition Of A 'National Hit'

    - This performance was in 2017, many years after their scandal and over half a decade after the release of a song. However, listen to the crowd singing every word. They all literally know the song by heart and mind you, T-ara didn't really retain any fandom after their scandal. I mean even T-ara...
  4. Darkyoda47

    Kpop Producer: Iggy Youngbae - Your Favorite Songs?

    Iggy Youngbae are an extremely talented duo who write, compose and arrange music. They are the brains behind a number of masterpieces, some of which are hits and some not. From their vast discography, I will choose a few well known songs. Tell me which is your favorite from the provided ^^ 1...
  5. Darkyoda47

    [Theqoo] Knetz Discuss ITZY's Pre-Debut Profile Pictures with Jeon Somi.

    Until last spring, JYP prepared a girl group with Somi, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin and Chaeryeong. Somi left JYP and Yuna came in to complete it. Post response : 18,512views Theqoo Netizens comments : - Chaeryeong so pretty.. - Somi looks so beautiful . - The combination is good now. I think it...
  6. Darkyoda47

    News All 4 Seasons of Produce 101 Will Be Investigated

    Aren't there more important things to investigate? Why can't I help but feel that Mnet's being used as a scapegoat to cover up some story :pepelook:
  7. Darkyoda47

    News Changes in Net Worth for SM, JYP, YG, 2018 - Today

    They're all really flopping :taemsip:
  8. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation Three 2nd Gen GGs You Probably Forgot About But Should Remember :)

    1.Stellar 2. Tahiti 3. Gavy NJ Never forget these queens :umjicry:
  9. Darkyoda47

    10K Messages ~

    I'd like to thank my dog, Duke for always being beside me whilst I scroll through and post on KS. This achievement is as much his as it is mine ^^ - No but in all seriousness, I really enjoy my time here on KS. It's a wonderful site with such amazing users. I've made new friends and caught up...
  10. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation SUNMI Wrote 'LALALAY' And The Lyrics Are Empowering!

    So basically, LALALAY has two meanings here. In the verses, the term, apparently, means "party girl". In the chorus, however, she's referring to "flying" which explains all the butterfly visuals for this comeback. Sunmi wrote this song all by herself and she also co-composed it! I think her...
  11. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation FRIENDS! I HAVE FOUND A BOP!

    Thank me later!! :sanapray::sanapray::sanapray:
  12. Darkyoda47

    Everyone Participating In The Event... Did I Find Another Clue???

    - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? :jisoosmh: :jisoosmh: :jisoosmh:
  13. VillageIdiot

    CNBLUE Jonghyun Exposed for DMing Youtuber. Deletes Instagram. Gets Kicked Out of Group

    AfreecaTV broadcast jockey BJ exposed CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun for his creepy DM* he sent her through Instagram through her Insta Story** *The Belly fat comment is most likely in response to this ** Her caption "Is this really CNBLUE Jonghyun???" And now , after facing backlash for it, he's...
  14. Darkyoda47

    Did You Like Sunmi's 'LALALAY'?

    Took a few listens but ISSA GODDAMN BOP :sj_weary: The MV has a long pause so I embedded the audio only lol. But, if you wanna stream, here;
  15. Darkyoda47

    Does Any Other Second Gen Feel The Generation Gap?

    I definitely do. When people talk about Soyeon, the first person that comes to my mind is T-ara's Soyeon, not (G)I-DLE's Soyeon. I still associate Sunmi with WG, not hit song Gashina. Sometimes I listen to AIIYL and think "2NE1 has great songs"... The generation gap is coming for me :jisoosmh:
  16. Darkyoda47

    Rumor EVERGLOW's Adios Might Be Going Viral

    I really didn't know what category to put this in :jisoosmh: They're at 23M views right now. They started re-trending in a lot of countries, including mine, Canada. EVERGLOW MIGHT BE GOING VIRAL GUYS!! I CALLED IT :queen::queen::queen::queen:
  17. Darkyoda47

    Rumor Becky G and J-Hope Rumored To Have An Upcoming Collaboration?

    For those who don't know Becky G. You might've heard these songs.