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  1. Darkseid

    Performance IZ*ONE Yujin X Treasure Jihoon X NCT Sungchan- Give Love (orig. AKMU)- SBS Inkigayo, March 7th 2021

    Welcome to the 3 new MCs of SBS Inkigayo and let's enjoy their debut stage :pikahappy: Hoping the official performance cut will be out soon, until then, here's the fancam. Yujin center let's go :queen: @Wiz*one @Treasure Maker @NCTzen Fancams:
  2. Darkseid

    TV IZ*ONE An Yujin, Treasure Jihoon and NCT Sungchan will be the new Inkigayo MCs!!

    The current MCs- April’s Naeun, Monsta X Minhyuk and NCT Jaehyun will be stepping down and these three will be taking over as the new MCs :sj_weary: Future it girl and Korean queen An Yujin making those moves yass, grabbing an MC spot with a boi from YG and SM :nakypog: Anticipate...
  3. maruberry

    Performance Woozi performing What Kind of Future @ bumzu's concert

    He made a masterpiece without even realizing it. This song and his voice deserve to be heard by everyone.
  4. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation These two are killing me today

    Woozi & DK... My heart is soft... :pepecry1:
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation My soft senses are being overloaded

    UwU :pepecry2:
  6. maruberry

    Apply to be my fellow Woozi stan today!

    SO! :nekopout: Things can't continue on like they have before! We have quite a few SVT stans on this site, which is good! BUT I'm the only Woozi stan here! We have 6 DK stans! SIX! I know this might largely be due to me agressively claiming Woozi to be mine and mine only... but that's beside...
  7. GloriousHavoc

    maruif's bias is bullying my bias

    @maruif :sadcat:
  8. maruberry

    Tell me who your bias is and I will tell you why Woozi is better that your bias!

    So this thread is so I can tell you that Woozi is the best idol out there and better than all your faves! I already know this, but some of y'all need to be educated! Kai is the exeption though! If Kai is your bias, you are in luck! He is just as perfect!
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Sleepy Woozi is my spirit animal

    I love all different bersions of Woozi. I love the sexy Woozi and the cute Woozi and producer Woozi and all the other variations! My favorite Woozi has always been Sleepy Woozi though. It is because sleepy Woozi acts 100% exactly like I do! If I am tired, but can't go to sleep, I turn VERY...
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Praise to my true love, the only one I need in this life Woozi

    He is perfection My worst distraction When he dances all else blurs His eyes leave me burns This very dangerous situation It might become my damnation Is this a purposeful seduction This angelic production I love him so dearly Without him my life would be dreary For my beloved Jihoon I would...
  11. maruberry

    @Pledis where is the Woozi solo album I deserve?

    I need it and I need it right now! Woozi is perfection, his voice is angelic and his songs are perfection!
  12. maruberry

    I need Woozi to drop a rap song

    Exactly that. I want to hear him rap again! Honestly if he practiced he could/would have been main rapper in Seventeen, the potential he has is amazing! I also need him (Pledis) to release What kind of future official audio! Here is Woozi rapping! He is the one starting the song The video...
  13. Pigeon


    @JungYoda @SaviorTXT @Peach
  14. Pigeon


    @JungYoda @SaviorTXT @Peach
  15. Pigeon


    ANTICIPATE!!! @JungYoda @SaviorTXT @Peach
  16. Pigeon

    Teaser 《✧ PARK JI-HOON 'O'CLOCK' Concept Photos ✧ 》

    01 02
  17. maruberry

    Appreciation I lay claim on...

    I officially claim Woozi on this site! Most of y'all probably already know to stay away, but just incase somebody missed the memo... WOOZI IS MINE! yall got it? Good! Have a woozi for your troubles!
  18. Pigeon

    Appreciation I've never loved anyone more than...

    Park Ji-Hoon my little wink boy makes me smile i love him so much my little wink boy he is also an army but not a bad one so stan him armys taehyung biased