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  1. brekker


    banner made by @Yili Happy Birthday, Jimimis! We wish you all the best! Lots of health and love and luck and good friends and good life and you know all the yadada because you are a wonderful person, a wonderful artist. Hard working, creative, original, intelligent, talented and kind. I...
  2. maruberry

    How.... does Jimimis do it?

    How does @Jimimis balance being so incredibly toxic, while also being incredibly likeable! It's insane! I feel like most on this forum have just.... accepted that she is toxic, but harmless and just go along with it? Kinda like our own pet toxic ARMY. Cute in her own unique way. I don't get...
  3. kuro

    guess who's back :wimwim:

    it's your favorite otp, back from their hiatus :queen: @MsJimin and kuro are BACK welcome us <333 :sanapray: :sj_weary: stan juiceyo (click the bts pic) mega huge taglist that's basically the fam :nekolove: @Mirae @Chahee @Drug @Skinnny @Darjeeling @Yolks @Mangoey @itzybitzyblink...
  4. kuro


    so my wife and I (@MsJimin ) were arguing about our ship name being mimi she wants her name first :nekopout: so it's up to kps to decide I wanted to wait but this is u r g e n t - now the super long taglist :nekosweat:
  5. kuro

    Appreciation how to make a @Jimimis

    @deadstar (you wanted to be tagged lol) @Mangoey @maruif and of course @Jimimis if anyone wants me to make these for them, it's a fun little thing I like doing :sakUwu: :taesquish: :sakUwu: just tag me in this thread lol :nekolove:
  6. wayvoutsold

    Rate @Jimimis

    Rate @Jimimis overall out of 10 1/10 for me
  7. Pigeon

    Appreciation Top 1 reason why Jimimis is the best user

    1. stans BTS, Daehwi, and says Jinan is hot :sj_weary: GO DOTAE i- smh jaehyun tryna interfere :facepalm: