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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    I am embodied by Satan Himself

    Due to post count also shout out to dickie allen of infant annihilator @SUNSEEKER @kimsguardian @Vikki
  2. BlackpinkINSync

    Oh my lord it is possible!

    I knew he was as such and now I have proof!!! Satan is above me!!! :rosesmug: @StayCsPinkPanda
  3. seoriverse

    lady di reincarnated as jungkook [PROOF]

    :oliviakek: @ARMY @jesus_christ i think you would like this thread 💓
  4. tricky

    gkghsnenfnrg bye-

  5. kuro

    kps make me someone important

    @notthatmarko @Son Na Eun you should have a position of tasteful people I can be the taste lead :queen: don't make this flop, kps needs this :sippinthetea: