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jony j

  1. xdreamsandflames

    do y'all watch Youth With You? who's your favourite from the remaining contests?

    do you guys watch youth with you? if so, who's your favourite contestant from the remaining? (first episode) (ranking episode where esther yu ranked top1) i love esther yu but my favourites are babymonster an, liu xin, snow kong, k lu, shaking and jue chen i have such a soft spot for girls...
  2. maruberry

    Variety Idol Producer S3 rap mentor will be Jony J + rant

    Alright who TF decided this. THIS man has MULTIPLE times dissed idols in his songs. Said idols can't be artists he entered a collaboration show, only to drop out of it because he REFUSED to make music together with idols. This dude is absolute fucking trush and who tf decided he would be a good...