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joy #1

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    What Is Your Brain Most Useful For?

    Take this quiz and share your results! Your brain is PHILOSOPHICAL Reflective and thoughtful, you enjoy spending time alone. You’re good at analyzing yourself — and knowing your true feelings; totally self aware, you’re in tune with your dreams and desires. You tend to ponder big questions and...
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    Appreciation HAPPY JOY DAY!

    Happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, smartest, very beautiful, and talented Park Sooyoung! I am very thankful for all the Joy you've bestowed upon us throughout the years. And may we have many more :sanapray: In the words of god yerim, " Joy is very funny and I love her. Joy is kind...
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    Appreciation Reveluvs why

    Do so many reveluvs hate this masterpiece? Wendys part at 2:27 is pure bliss! The rap/talk by Joy, Irene and Yeri is so good. The chorus is so jarring it's oddly good! The song is one hip hop + experimental mess and I love it. Attaboy deserves way more love! I'd love to hear your thoughts on...